Call for Board Members

Freehold is seeking candidates for its Board of Directors

Freehold Theatre Lab Studio, a center for the practice of theatre, was founded in the fall of 1991.

We at Freehold believe that theatre should inspire people to embrace the full range of human experience and connect us all more deeply to ourselves and to each other. In order for theatre to accomplish this, it must be truthful, illuminate the unseen, and articulate the unspoken. To realize this potential, there must be a place dedicated to research and experimentation in training and performance for working artists, inspired novices, and willing audiences

As we embark on our next 25 years, we are committing to:

  • Artistic Practice Deepen the transformational power of theatre through experimentation, training, and performance
  • Risk In our community we endeavor to provide a haven where artists are encouraged to make their work deeper, truer, and more resonant; to reinvest in their love and inspiration; and to challenge themselves to keep discovering and maturing.
  • Social Justice We commit to promoting equity and social justice in our organization and our programming through cultivating a habit of critical self-awareness of our own biases; and engaging Staff, Faculty, Collaborating Artists, and Board Members in training and workshops that explore the development of anti-racist and anti-oppression practices.
  • Artistic Excellence rooted in organic truth The work we do here strives to integrate organic truthful roots, and an empathic connection to the life around us with extraordinary expression – physically, vocally, and imagistically.
  • Radical accessibility Since its founding as a Center for the Practice of Theatre, Freehold has been devoted to serving the full spectrum of our community. Freehold’s programs broaden engagement, serve diverse audiences, and encourage deep participation in the arts.

We are a small but mighty organization. It is the strength of our commitment to each other and our mutual respect that allows us to forge ahead and take risks together. 

The eight individuals currently serving represent a cross-section of our community and bring varying professional perspectives to the board. They are leaders in their respective communities and are united in their deep commitment to Freehold and the work that we do. Strong board candidates, including professionals in accounting, law, nonprofit fundraising, and strategic planning, are people whose expertise and point of view can be critical in helping Freehold achieve its goals. Board members are appointed to an initial three-year term. During their term, we expect each board member to be actively involved in the following ways:

  • Attend monthly board meetings, and Annual Meeting
  • Attend Freehold performances and special events and bring members of the community
  • Participate in the cultivation of current and future Freehold supporters and board members
  • Provide leadership in the evolution of our social justice practice
  • Make a meaningful personal contribution to Freehold

If you or someone you know would be interested in serving on the Freehold Board, we strongly encourage you to submit a nomination or self-nomination by sending an email to with the candidate’s name, contact information and a brief statement of why they would be a strong candidate.