Alumni Reading Series

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 7:30pm

Announcing our Bi-Monthly Alumni Reading Series

There is a truth about the importance of stories that is hard to reveal, and hard to admit.  In Freehold classes, similarly, discovering "the you that you don't know" is our motto and constant endeavor.  As Freehold expands in its new space with its electric new curriculum and faculty, this new series of readings that feature Alumni aims to continue the mission of self-discovery outwardly to audiences as it has so successfully for over 25 years to established and emerging artists in Seattle.

Our first reading will be held:
Nov 18th
7:30 pm - 10:00 PM
Freehold's Benjamin Logan Bullitt Theatre
Admission is Pay What You Can. 
For Reservations:

The Pillowman
Martin McDonagh
Directed by Andy McGinn

Tupolski: Annette Toutonghi
Katurian: Dara Lillis
Ariel: Aaron Moore
Michal: Ryan Sanders

"The Pillowman" is an event where the importance of stories is revealed in laughter and gut-punches.  We live in a time where anyone can call something "fake news" and the credibility of facts means next to nothing.  We are all choosing what to believe, because anything showed to us is suspect.  This is a dystopian factor in our time.  The creation of narratives is a primal instinct, which is to say that stories are a primal instinct unique to those of us with opposable thumbs.   It is also an instinct that has always been the realm of Artists, but in "The Pillowman" we are forced to encounter this instinct is also manipulable by States, and madmen. 

Martin McDonagh, famous for his Leenanne Trilogy, is a handsome Englishman who appropriated Irish stereotypes to become famous - deeply inspired by Harold Pinter and Stephen King.  He also once got in a fistfight with Sean Connery in public.  He's moved on to movies now.  He is an expert.