Residency at Washington Corrections Center for Women

Monday, April 9, 2018 - 4:30pm

On the evening of Monday, April 9th, women from WCCW, as part of their participation in Freehold's Engaged Theatre program, will be performing an original play for the public.

Seven years ago, seeing an opportunity to connect more deeply with our community and raedically transform Freehold's artistic practice, Robin Lynn Smith created the Engaged Theatre program to connect with some of Seattle's most challenged and  extraordinary communities - prisoners, juvenile detainees, psychiatric ward patients, low-income housing project members (and last year for the very first time, veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan) - through theatre.

Our residency, led by Robin Lynn Smith, Elizabeth Heffron, Grace Carmack, Aishe Keita, Vanessa Skantze, Emily Pike, and Taryn Collis asks volunteers from WCCW to participate in a 5-month series of workshops in which they explore, write, act, improv, and move, in preparation to rehearse, and finally perform an original play which honors each of their unique voices.

The results of the hard work of these women caused one attendee to write:

This work is important because it empowers the women to own and cherish their feelings and actions as well as to respect the feelings of others. I can tell that this is a transformative experience for all involved.