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Workshops and clinics feature a variety of disciplines and unlike our fundamental offerings may include students with a range of experience.

 The 10-Minute Play, and it’s younger sibling the 5-Minute Play, are modern ‘calling cards’ for playwrights.  Chances are something that you wrote in one of these forms might be the first thing a literary manager or artistic director reads.  Yet they are not ‘Mini-Plays’.  They have a logic, a structure, and a magic all their own.  Like swift strokes of life, they explode on the page.  In this bi-weekly class, we will strive to capture both 5 and 10-Minute plays and get them to a place where they are ready to submit to theaters.  We will work on-our-feet, through reading and example, and using writing exercises.  So come prepared to use all of your senses, and bring pen and paper or a device.  Our last class will be a public staged reading of these recently-wrought short works!

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This dynamic class is designed for eight writers who are in the process of writing the first draft of their play and are ready to explore the rewrite and rehearsal process. Working with a produced playwright throughout the month of August, you'll shape, refine, rewrite, and hone the story you're telling. Then, in September, you'll meet with an experienced director and actors for four hours of intensive rehearsal, culminating in two public staged readings of a portion of your play, as a part of Freehold's New Play Lab Showcase in mid September. Auditions and rehearsal will be scheduled in two weeks prior to the showcase. 

PrerequisitesPlaywriting I: Exploring the Craft or Playwriting II: The Playwright's Vision or other playwriting training and instructor permission.

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Theatre tells stories using actors, with powerful objectives, living at specific moments in time. Explore the many ways playwrights create interesting, truthful characters, and dynamic stories using the language of the stage: words, movement, light, sound, and silence. This interactive class includes both sit-down writing exercises, and up on your feet work, so please dress comfortably. 


Emerging Series, Intermediate Series, Advanced Series, Writing Series, Workshops & Clinics
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In a play, the story and the vessel you use to tell it are inexorably connected. Change one thing and you automatically effect the other. Force a full-length story into a 10-minute structure and every short bit of it will sound trite. By exploring established works written in 5 different theatrical genres (naturalism, magic realism, absurdism, comedy, and docudrama) we will explore classic dramatic vessels and discover how modern dramatists find ways to blend these styles to match the specific needs of their stories.  Using prompts that spring from these genres, you will generate several short scenes and two wildly different one-act plays by the end of the session.

Playwriting I
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Access your imagination, stories, secret talents and wildest visions to create a short solo performance. In a strong, trusting ensemble atmosphere, we will use writing exercises, improvisation, and a variety of performance techniques to create a draft and begin staging your show. This class is perfect for actors, artists and writers of all levels who have a story to tell, an idea to passionately explore, or a hunger for a new look at the creative process. We culminate in an invited performance of our works-in-progress, and you leave the class with a repeatable technique of how to conceive, develop and produce a solo performance. This class is the prerequisite for Advanced Solo Performance.

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Performance poetry has been taking the world by storm, from the White House, to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, to anti-bullying campaigns and more. Explore the craft of writing poetry and the art of bringing the written word to life through performance. Engage in critique/analysis of past and present performers and poetic styles through text, video and audio samplings, discover and refine your own voice through writing, voice and movement exercises, and take written poems on the journey to become spoken word performances. This class can accommodate all levels, whether you're a seasoned spoken word artist or have never written a poem in your life. The class will culminate in a final showcase of brand new poems by each student. Taught by poet, performer, and teaching artist Daemond Arrindell.

Emerging Series, Intermediate Series, Advanced Series, Writing Series, Workshops & Clinics