Open Mic & Happy Hour

Friday, March 15, 2019 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Come for happy hour and enjoy a cocktail (provided gratis by Beam Suntory), perform (or simply, enjoy!) something for our open mic (sign up when you arrive) and gather with the Freehold Community to celebrate our return to Maynard after several challenging months of dealing with a flood in our space and its aftermath.
Meet the new staff who keep everything running: Charlotte, our Managing Director, Nikki, our Registrar, and Carolynne, our Marketing maven, and thank them for their hard work in keeping classes going and getting us back into our space.
Participate in an open-mic session either as performer or audience. Bring a scene, speech, song, or poem, or anything else you feel inspired to share.
Mingle with fellow students and faculty. Find out about classes to take in the Spring Quarter.
Bug the staff and faculty about some class you wish we offered.
Catch up with some old friends and maybe go see see a show. Or find some folks to share a table with at the Freehold Theatre Gala.
Cocktails/non-alcoholic drinks and light appetizers will be provided.
Also, it's the Ides of March: if your name is Julius Ceasar, Beware!

RSVP here (to make sure there's enough booze!) and reserve an open mic slot here (or wait and reserve on the day of)