Student Rentals

 Several of our class require students to rehearse outside of class.  We are pleased to be able to offer our students discounted rental rates at our studios.
Rehearsal Rental Rates
  • Black Box at $15/hr
  • Studio 1 at $10/hr
  • Studio 2 at $10/hr

If you will be renting space often and are a current student, you may wish to purchase a rental punch card.  

  • 8 hours for $50 punch card
  • 20 hours for $100 punch card

With a rental card, you pay the Studio 1 rate for all spaces, are automatically approved to check out keys, and do not need to contact the office with payment information for each rental.

You can call us during office hours or contact us to purchase a rental card.  Punch card rentals may be booked all at once or in one hour increments.

Please note: This offer is available only to currently enrolled students.  Rentals paid with punch cards are still subject to space availability and must be cleared with the office prior to use. Whole hour rentals only.  Rentals must be completed by the end of the current quarter.  All policies concerning space use, key check-out, weekend rentals, and cancellations apply as normal.