Frequently Asked Questions

Studio Classes

I'm interested in taking classes at Freehold.  Where do I start?
Which class you take depends on your level of experience and interest. We offer courses for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced students looking to refine specific skills.  Most beginners start with Step I: Intro to Acting, but we offer classes every quarter that are open to beginners. Look for classes listed under Emerging Series.
Please refer to our Class Catalog for further explanation of how we categorize our classes by student experience level into series.
I’ve never had an acting class before.  Would Freehold be a place for me?
The answer is yes!  Check out our Step I: Intro to Acting and other courses listed under Emerging Series. These classes are open to all levels of experience and most require no prerequisites or previous training.
I’m age (21, 40, 70), can I take a class at Freehold?
Yes!  Our only age requirement is that the student is over 18. Classes encompass students freshly graduated from high school or college to those with finally enough time in their lives to explore a new side to themselves.  We have a diverse group of students in terms of age, ethnicity, culture, and economic background.
What’s the makeup of your classes?
Students take classes at Freehold for many reasons – to be actors, to gain confidence, to train with our faculty, to practice art within their daily lives, to continue to refine artistic disciplines, to meet new people, to take chances. Our students come from a range of settings including corporate as well as non-profit environments, from those who always wanted to try acting but never had the time, and from aspiring and working artists, to name but a few.  While the makeup of our classes varies enormously from class to class, expect a diverse group of people from all walks of life who have come together to explore and practice theatre.
How many students are in your classes?
We limit the class size for most of our classes to 12 students to ensure that every student has enough time to work with the instructor and participate in class exercises.  
Can I sit in on a class before taking it?
The art of theatre is in many ways the exploration of vulnerability. Our classes provide a safe space for our students to take risks, and this space is compromised when there are outsiders observing the class who are not taking the same risks. As such, we do not offer the option of sitting in on a class as an observer. However, we do offer an evening of sample classes during our quarterly Open Houses to give potential students a chance to meet our faculty and get a glimpse of what some of our classes will cover.  
Do you offer drop-in classes?
No. Most of our course offerings have a set curriculum that builds upon skills gradually while also fostering an ensemble among the students in the class.  If you anticipate needing to miss a class or classes during the quarter, let your instructor know so that they can discuss possible options with you. Some of our classes, particularly scene study classes, require students to be able to meet for rehearsal outside of class time.  We keep our class size small for the purpose of creating an ensemble and establishing the best environment for instruction, and we expect all students in a class to make attendance to that class a priority.
Will I get a degree/certificate if I take classes at Freehold?
Freehold is not an academic institution.  We do not provide degrees, certificates, or transcripts to prove what students have learned from us. For over 20 years, we have been offering classes to the greater Seattle community.  Our instructors are working professional artists and many also also teach at highly-acclaimed academic institutions in Seattle, such as Cornish College for the Arts, Seattle University, and the University of Washington.
When are your classes held?
Most of our classes run evenings Monday - Thursday, Saturday mornings and afternoons, and anytime on Sundays. Please check the specific schedule of a course offering to confirm the dates and times that class is held.  
How do I register for a class?
What does it mean to be on Freehold's waitlist?
We limit classes to a maximum of 12 students. With some of our most popular classes, most students are interested in signing up than we can accommodate in a single class section. At that time, we begin a waiting list. If space opens up in the class, we can invite students on the waiting list in the order that they signed up.  You can put yourself on a waiting list via our website, just like signing up for a class. You will not be charged for putting your name on a waiting list.
Can I do a payment plan?
Freehold offers payment plans for every class.  For a $25 fee, students can have up until the midpoint of the class to pay the balance in full. Additional terms and restrictions apply. To review the terms in full and apply for a payment plan, please visit our online form.  Defaulting on a payment plan can result in a ban from all future Freehold classes.


Where are you located? What are your hours?

We are located at 2222 2nd Ave, Suite #200, Seattle, WA 98121 - on 2nd Avenue just north of downtown between the streets of Blanchard and Bell on the east side of the street. Our front doorway is between the bars The Clever Bottle and The Rabbit Hole. Our office hours are 10:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Thursday. 

Can I rent your studios?
Yes. Please consult our rentals page for space and rate information and to reference our rentals calendar. You can request rental space by contacting us and selecting the appropriate tag.
Can I donate to Freehold?
Absolutely!  You can donate to Freehold through our Support page, by calling us at the office, or via mail. Our ability to offer as many programs as we do and support our discounted tuition level is contingent on the generosity of our donors. Please contact us for approval prior to making an in-kind donation.
Can I volunteer at Freehold?
Yes!  Volunteers provide support for many of our fundraising events as well as our Studio Series, Open Houses, and Freehold’s Engaged Theatre program. Contact us and let us know what your skills and interests are. We will let you know what opportunities are coming up!