Directing and Acting for the Camera - Directors

This course is an essential hands-on laboratory for directors and actors who want to work in film and television. All scenes are shot film style on a digital camera in class. Directors will explore every facet of the directorial process, learning what a set is like, how scenes are structured, how to create scene coverage by creating storyboards and shot lists and what the important issues for a director are. This class will teach you to interpret and translate the written ideas of the screenplay into cinematic form and improve your abilities to communicate with actors to elicit their best performance.

Actors will learn to identify the specific demands of the scene beat by beat and how to tailor their performance to the needs of the camera and the director. Instruction emphasizes developing the ability to focus on character and intent while navigating the external distractions of a movie set. Actors will work on a variety of scenes being assigned a new director for each new scene.  Students interested in taking the class as an actor should refer to the course description here.

This course is extremely helpful, and highly recommended, in preparing for the Film Directing Course offered in the Winter Quarter.

Please note:

  • This class requires you to be able to meet with your scene partners and director to rehearse outside of regularly scheduled class time.
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