Character Immersion - The Thrill of Transportation

 In 'Character Immersion' we will explore techniques inspired by Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov to engage the imagination and the actors' Bodyvoice at once to achieve transcendence into character, where the actor's being is so engaged with the characters life and needs that there is no room left in the Actors' mind for doubt and fear.  There will be weekly assignments, scene study, and required field trips.  Students will also be expected to engage in outside scene and project rehearsals with one another.  The theme of this course is Stanislavski's stated goal of: " A conscious path to the unconscious."  Scenes will be selected in collaboration with students, while it is the best idea for students to come in with 2 characters from a naturalistic play, or a Shakespeare, they have always wanted to do.  Prior experience with Shakespeare would be required.  Interested students are encouraged to contact the instructor ASAP to begin that process if no characters in particular come to mind.  In 'Character Immersion' we will dismiss the misguided "Outside-In vs Inside-Out" and engage the performers powers of Observation, Imagination, and Communication as components of their single creative system.  We will develop a process that leads to "lights out acting", where subconscious instincts and the ever-changing present fuels dynamism in the transcended performer.  Completion of Step III is required, or special permission from the instructor based on prior study and experience.

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