Individual Giving

2016-2017 Supporters

Freehold would like to acknowledge the support of our Institutional and Individual Donors. Thank you for your continued support.

$10,000 and above - 4Culture, National Endowment for the Arts, The Seattle Foundation, Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Nesholm Foundation

$5,000 and above - Lucky Seven Foundation, Aaron Moore, The Morgan Fund, Norcliffe Foundation, Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs

$2,500 and above - Anonymous Donor, Margaret Bullit, Expedia Inc, Daniel Ichinaga, Issaquah Arts Commission, Jenni Taggart & Matt Conroy, Annette Toutonghi & Bruce Oberg

$1,000 and above - Jeff Anderson, Anonymous Donor, ArtsFund, Leslie Moulton Asplund, Cristopher Berns, Boeing, D.T. Challinor, Mark Chandler, Cristina Devrin, Stefan Enriquez, David Friedt & Marilyn Brockman, John & Karen Helde, Dara Lillis, Scott Maddock, Mag McLynn & Alex Fayer, Tracy Meyer, Rosaleen Presley, Mary Sheehan, Chuck Sitkin, Bart Smith, Challie Stidham

 $500 and above - Kristin Alexander, Mary Bacarella, Bungie Foundation, Zoe & William Cauley, Betty Comtois, Michelle Conklin, AJ Epstein, Lilli Ewing, Julia Francis, Ylana Glickman, E.J. Gong, Richard Hesik, Mark Jenkins, Doug Knoop, James Maddock, Jennifer McFarland & Michael Graves, Valerie Moseley, Moseley & Associates LLC, Roger Neale, Laura Nelson, Ocean Greens, Melissa Pang, Ponderosa Trust, Bob Quinn, Sean Ryan & Joshua Lee, Shelia Siden, Kerry Skalsky, Jane Taggart, Nathan Veghdahl

$250 and above - Anonymous Donor, Thompson B Challinor, Alexandra Docter, Alex Eagleton, Kate Emery, Krista Erickson, Adrien Gamache, John Jacobsen, Beverly Kelly, Susan LaSalle, Catherine Pagano, Emily Pando, Louise Penberthy, Nikolas Petrosyan, Hal Ryder, State of Washington, Lucinda Stroud, Dan Tierney & Sarah Harlett, Mark Titus, United Way, Connie Villines, Catherine & Dan Weatbrook

$100 and above - Anonymous Donor, Anonymous Donor, Adel Assad, Patricia Barker, Halley Bock, Shane Bushfield, Carol Cauley, Terry Cassidy, Merrily & Peter Chick, John Comerford, Elizabeth Comtois, Angela DiMarco, Jennine Early, Charles Eliot, Brace Evans, Emily Fortuna, Jenny Gamache, Mark George, Alexandra Gobeille, Laurell Haapanen, Melissa Henderson, Elizabeth Kister, Roberta Klarreich, Edie Lackland, Terri Lazzarra, Eimear & Elizabeth Lillis, Bob Love, Erin Maher, Meredith Corporation, Jeff Morlean, Kate Myre, Merry Nye, Shauna O’Connor, Susan Pope, Rennaisance Charitable Foundation*, Brett Rice, Barbara Sauermann, Luis Fernando Sanchez, Ryan Sanders, Satori Software Inc, Carrie Schnelker, Robin Lynn Smith, Matt Smith & Elizabeth Heffron, Jim Stewart, Sharon Stuckey, Tjiske Van Der Meulen, Mary Kay Voytilla, Tami Wakasugi, Aaron Wheeler


If you do not see your name listed or the spelling is incorrect, please call us at (206) 323-7499 or email us at and we will make the correction. Thank you!

Revised 10/19/17