Sandbox Artists Collective Radio Show, June 2011
Sandbox Artists Collective - Radio Show, June 2011 performed at West of Lenin
Sandbox Members Performing
Sandbox Members Performing

Sandbox Artists Collective

The Sandbox Artists Collective is a membership based collective of working theatre professionals formed as a place for mid-career artists to explore their craft in the company of their peers.  It was originally created in the fall of 2008 by Freehold's Theatre Lab in an effort to continue to push for a renaissance of new, courageous and experimental work in our artistic community. 

We strive to support each other in the development of new work, experimentation with form, and enhancement of the skills of our craft.  To these ends we host a variety of events:

Member Projects - work by members including but not limited to new play readings, solo performances and ensemble created pieces.

- opportunities for members to "work out" together, exploring movement, sound, writing for the stage etc. in new ways

Book Club
- a monthly gathering for the purpose of reading and listening to a play out loud

Membership in the collective is by invitation. The Sandbox has Leadership, Programming, Communications and Membership committees that serve as the administration of the group. 

We are a collective of Seattle theater professionals who dare each other to create through mutual cooperation and support. We work, play, and experiment with purpose. We form a center from which we expand and return, recruit and rally, and exceed our individual potentials.


Megan Ahiers, Eric Ray Anderson, Scot Auguston, Amontaine Aurore, Norman Bell, Shawn Belyea, Gordon Carpenter, Lynne Compton, Liza Comtois, Rosalynn De Roos, Vincent Delaney, Rik Deskin, Craig "CT" Doescher, AJ Epstein, Zoe Fitzgerald, Allen Fitzpatrick, Renata Friedman, Kate Gavigan,  Jose Gonzales, Ki Gottberg, Liza Halpern, Gin Hammond, Stephen Hando, Sarah Harlett, Elizabeth Heffron, Kathy Hsieh, Elise Hunt, Tim Hyland, Tracy Hyland, Reginald Andre Jackson, Victor Janusz, Rosa Joshi, Kevin Joyce, Cyrus Khambatta, Marya Sea Kaminski, Darragh Kennan, Mik Kuhlman, Lori Larson, Leslie Law, Charles Leggett, George Lewis, Amy Love, Anita Montgomery, Todd Moore, Paul Mullin, Brennan Murphy, David Natale, Peter Dylan O'Connor, John Paulsen, Larry Paulsen, Michael Place, Makaela Pollock, Juliet Pruzan, Kaleo Quenzer, Carol Roscoe, Hal Ryder, Richard Nguyen Sloniker, Matt Smith, Robin Lynn Smith, Alexandra Tavares, Amy Thone, Dan Tierney, Annette Toutonghi, Kathryn Van Meter, Seanjean Walsh, Cynthia Whalen, Kate Wisniewski, Rob Witmer. Owen Yen, Gino Yevdjevich, Richard Ziman

To find out more about the Sandbox Artists Collective, go to: Sandbox Artists Collective's website.